BBC For You And Me To Share!

One thing I never realized was just how much you like that BBC, much to my surprise! As you already know, I love it too, which definitely makes for an interesting sexual rendezvous. Shortly after this kinky revelation, I decided to start recruiting in an effort to turn this now fantasy, into a reality. I need to find about 6 guys who wouldn’t mind giving our holes, a nice thrashing. I want these men to be LARGE and in CHARGE, I want them to be aggressive and know how to put it down!

We set out for a night out on the town, scoping for our new recruits and looking for what we would consider being the perfect candidate. We knew this wasn’t going to be an easy feat, but we were up for the challenge and ready to rock it out. Right away, I noticed this really buff looking guy watching my every move. Intrigued, I approached him and made my introduction. I told him who I was and precisely what I was there for.

As fate would have it, he was on such a mission himself.

He said that he’d been looking for a nice pink pussy to punish and deposit his load in. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of fucking another man, but after some convincing, he was good to go. Also he made it a point to tell me that he had several of his buddies, ready and willing to gang bang us. So, we set a date and let the anticipation build.

Ahhhh the time has finally cum! As we were getting ready for the party, we heard a strong knock at the door. I turned to you and couldn’t help, but get slightly turned on at the look on your face. It was a combination of fear and lust….omg it was great! I opened the door and 6 big black guys stormed into the house. WIthout uttering one single word, 3 grabbed me and threw me down and 3 grabbed you and did the same. We knew what we had signed up for, we just didn’t know how amazingly painful and incredibly hot it was going to be.

Right away, the guy we met at the bar a week before grabbed your head and made you start sucking his cock.

You resisted, but I could tell you loved it at the same time! While that was happening, I was getting my pink pussy and asshole eaten out, by another one of the guys. It wasn’t long before all of our holes were primed and ready to go… it was time for the real fun! Let’s just say it was only a matter of minutes before screams, moans, and whimpers filled the air.

At one point, I had a cock in every hole and was being filled with BBC cum and had tears running down my face, as it was soooo incredibly intense. You had a cock in each tight hole and your hands were filled….nothing but cock and cum! Just when I thought we couldn’t take anymore, we heard another knock at the door…..what happened next, was nothing short of fucking crazy!!! I love BBC and I know you do too, with that being said, cum join me for kinky BBC phone sex!

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