BBC Sexual Evolution Of The Pastors Adulteress Wife – Part II

As I walked through the hall to exit, the door opened with two tall muscular black guys walking in. The sudden nature of the door opening startled me, and I spun to the left quickly and my BBC Anaconda fell out the bag and landed in the hallway where the guy was standing jerking his cock watching the woman now sucking a huge cock through the glory hole. Once again he flicked his tongue at me and smiled. He said what do we have here, and picked up the BBCAnaconda.

As he did so, the two black guys apologized for scaring me. One of them looked at the guy naked from the waist down hold my BBC Anaconda in his hand. He said, “Look, Tyrone, this little white lady likes to fantasize about big black cocks”. He then slid his hand down the back of my sun dress across my ass. Next, he said, “Damn Tyrone this chick is not even wearing panties.” As he slid his hand under my dress and palming my bare ass. The guy holding my BBC Anaconda tosses it towards me.

I try to catch it but it hits the floor in front of me.

I bend to pick it up, and the guy steps forward with his BBC now inches from me. Actually, as I come up from picking up my toy his cock comes in contact with my forehead. I feel the guy behind me now rubbing my pussy, and says Charlie, looks like your lucky day you don’t have to watch and jerk off today. I bet she will fuck and suck all of us right here right now.

Then he lifts me to where my mouth is level with Charlie’s cock and he presses it to my lips. This guy behind me is rubbing his cock, up and down. My wet pussy and slides it into my pussy it felt so good I moaned and Charlie slid his BBC in my mouth and shoved it deep into the back of my throat.

The guy behind me is stretching my pussy more than it has ever been stretched, and Charlie has his hand on the back of my head fucking my throat like he is fucking a pussy. Then, the guy behind me says Tyrone you got to get some of this tight white pussy, and he pulls his cock out. Charlie is still fucking my mouth for all he is worth. Then I feel the tip of a huge cock trying to fit into my pussy. The guy says damn “G” your right, I can not even get my dick in this bitches tight pussy. He finally works the tip in and starts to inch it in. “G,, ” says, “T” try some of this, and squirts some love gel in his hand.

Tyrone takes his hand and rubs the love gel on his cock, and on my pussy.

It has a tingling sensation to it. Then he slips the tip of his cock back in my pussy. This time it slides in a lot easier. He works it in a little at a time until my pussy is completely filled, and I feel his balls touching my ass. I could not believe he put that whole cock in my pussy. It hurt but also felt so good. I pulled my mouth off Charlie’s cock and screamed FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE. He began pulling his cock out to the tip and slamming it back in. It felt so good. Then “G” said move over a little, and he walked around and told Charlie to go over there and jerk off as usual.

I want this black cock loving slut to suck my dick. Charlie backed away and “G” put his cock to my lips and said suck my dick slut. I open my mouth right then. He shoves his cock to the back of my throat works it in and out a few times and fills my mouth with his cum. He said swallow every drop bitch. At the same time, Tyrone buries his cock as deep as he can, and fills my pussy full of his cream. “G” zips up and hands me my toy. Tyrone pulled out of my pussy and did the same. e said damn girl, that is the tightest pussy I ever fucked. I put my black anaconda back in the bag, and Tyrone held the door open for me to leave.

I got in my car and headed home. From that moment on, I knew what I had been missing, and my pencil dick preacher husband would never be able to satisfy me again.

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