BBC is something I have to be in a rare mood for! There is something about a black man that makes the best fuck toy.

But when their cock is massive, damn boy it’s so good! Tyron was exactly that: tall, buff as fuck, and yummier than a chocolate bar. I wanted to ride that BBC and make it into a pleasure pole!

We walked through his front door, and he pushed me up against it so that it closed behind us. Thank god I brought a change of clothing because he ripped mine off. He couldn’t care less what I had on, it needed to be on the floor ASAP. I did the exact same thing to him. Tugging his jeans down, out came bouncing the most delicious BBC.

I dropped to my knees. I needed to feel the ridges of his shaft on my tongue. His hands found my hair as he shoved all 12 inches right down my throat. I started to gag on him, but that didn’t stop him from face fucking me. “Gag harder bitch! Your throat is getting so tight around my dick!” He pushed my back against the door and held my head in place and he pushed harder and faster!

Tyron didn’t let me off my knees until I was begging for him to let me up.

Once he did we went straight to the couch. It was my turn to play with his big cock how I wanted. I pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist. I let him watch his head slip between my cunt lips as I teased him. He didn’t like that too much. He wanted to feel his cock stretch my pussy. So he had no choice but to be patient and wait!

Ever so slowly I started to work my way onto his BBC. My pussy juice was dripping to his balls, making it so slippery and ready. As I worked my way down I let him see how much he was stretching me. I don’t think I’d ever taken a cock this thick. It was like trying to fit a Coke can inside me.

Looking up at Tyron, giving him a sly smile, I slammed myself down onto him. We fucked just like that until I made that delicious BBC cream inside of me. We made such a yummy mess together! Nothing tastes better than a cum covered black cock!

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