Kate Takes a BBC

I have a nice plump ass that a man with a nice BBC just can’t get enough of. I get constant attention because of my sweet assets. Love to flaunt them, especially when I’m out with my girlfriends. I was wearing a tight short black dress that barely covered my ass, low cut, and hugged my curves in all the right places. I curled my hair, wore my sexiest red lipstick, and sky-high red pumps. Was ready for action.

The girls showed up and we had some wine and decided to hit the town. We went to our favorite dance club and had a few shots. The dance floor was crowded and I was dancing like no one was watching…or like everyone was watching and trust me, everyone was. I looked hot, I felt hot.

There were men all around me watching my body, touching me, feeling my curves. Suddenly I saw him from across the bar. We locked eyes and I saw the promise he was making me. A perfect BBC experience, endless orgasms, and a night I won’t soon forget. He slowly made his way towards me and moved behind me. Pushing his body against mine. I could feel his growing cock press into my ass. His hands were feeling their way all over my body. He was kissing my neck making me yearn for more. I knew he wanted to give me more. 

He took me to the bar and bought me a white wine, tucked my hair behind my ear, and whispered, “Baby, you’re beautiful. Let me show you how good you can feel.”

Do you want to hear more about Kate and her first BBC? The story will not disappoint you, pure ecstasy. Call me soon!

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