BBC lover is what I am, and just what I always want.

BBC lover? What’s that you ask? Oh, darling don’t worry I’ll be showing you exactly what a BBC lover is. The term may not have registered with you, but I refreshed your memory for you didn’t I. You’d seen some pictures of me getting fucked by a big black cock, but you tried to put it out of your head. You just never wanted to admit that you aren’t adequate enough for me. That’s why you always find me out cheating.

Since the first time I had the thrill of getting some hot sex from my BBC lover I’ve always craved more. I’ve never brought one of my lovers home and fucked him right in front of you, but tonight it’s on. I’d been waiting until we had the house to ourselves. So I could have my fun right out in the open. I made a nice dinner and told you I had a special surprise for you for dessert.

The look on your face as I walked out of the kitchen with my BBC lover was priceless. I told you this is what I was talking about when I referred to my BBC lover, and I pulled down his jeans to expose his huge cock. When I commanded you to come over to me and pull down your pants so I could compare cocks you shuddered. The only question would do you shudder because you were going to be put to shame, or did you shudder because you were turned on that I was comparing your tiny little dick to this huge monster? Who needs a ruler when you’ve got the real thing right?

And just like we both knew all along. Your little carrot was in no way in the same league as him.

I told you to go sit over there in the corner in the little boy’s chair because that’s where all small dick guys deserve to be. My BBC lover picked me up and slide me right down onto that cock, pounding me for you to see. Hours went by with me in different positions that he knew just would please me. And when we were done I was cum covered and satisfied. Don’t worry darling I’ve got pictures that I can make you look at and humiliate you all over again.

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