I just can’t get enough of my BBC lover.

One little time was all it took for me to get hooked on my BBC lover, Tommy. You hear all the stories, but wonder if they are really true.  And then when you get to experience it for the first time you know then, that other cocks just can’t compare to what you get with a BBC lover. That’s why I have to sneak away and get some at least twice a week. And when I come home smiling and filled up, my dreams that night are filled with thoughts dripping cum from his huge horse cock.

My BBC lover’s dick is as thick around as a beer can, and ten and a half inches long. And every time just when I think he can’t stuff that chocolate meat stick any deeper up in me, he surprises me yet once again. Riding him like a naughty cowgirl just to get that deep cream pie is what I crave. And just when I think he can’t possibly have any more jizz left stored in those big hanging balls, he spreads my legs and starts pounding again.

My hubby found out I’d been fucking him, but that hasn’t stopped me. In fact its had just the opposite effect.  This past week on vacation I’d been buttering up my husband telling him I had a real treat in store for him Sunday night. Of course he was thinking he was going to get lucky with me, but I had other things on my mind, big black cock things.

After dinner Sunday night we went back up to our room.

We walked in and he saw the bed covers pulled back, candles lit, and chocolate covered strawberries on the nightstand. I grabbed his hand and led him over to the chair to sit down. And as he did, he looked across the room to see Tommy standing there, naked and motioning me to come to him. My husband sat there, speechless, unable to move, and I just smiled because deep down he knew this was bound to happen one day. He made me get down on my knees to suck him off. That big black cock pulsating in my mouth, stretching it out and loving every minute.

‘You like watching your little white wife suck a black dick?’, he asked. I could see my husband barely able to shake his head yes. ‘How about if I fuck the shit out of her tight white pussy!’, he said, and tossed me up on the bed on my stomach and crawled up on top of me. He turned me to the side and lifted my leg up so my husband could get a good look at the monstrous black cock beating up my cervix. Oh my god, it felt so good that when he would slow down I was begging for more. He fucked me over and over, cumming harder and harder with every round.

And when he was finally done with me for a few hours, I stood up to watch some of his cum drizzle down the inside of my thighs. I smiled looking at my husband ………….. ‘come here darlin’, I said. I can’t wait to share all the dirty details with you. Want Tommy to fuck me for you? All you have to do is ask! Read all my other kinky sex stories on my page.

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