Easy cum Easy go with  BBC Incest Impregnation. Mom went outside the box and married a big black lover.  You know the saying “Once you had BLACK – You don’t go back.”  Well, it was true for my mother.  My Daddy wanted to start an “open relationship” where he would watch my mom being fucked by all different kinds of men. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Oh silly daddy – that’s NOT an open marriage.  You were a “Cuckie” in a cuckold relationship.

The cuckolding went on for months even years til finally Mom and Dad got divorced.  The divorce would soon be the result of my BBC Incest Impregnation.  Just a few short weeks later she married Lamar and we became one big happy “fucking family.”  Daddy didn’t move out – he just moved into the connecting bedroom where he continued to be cuckolded by Lamar and my mom.

BBC Incest Impregnation – Roll of the Dice

Needless to say, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.  It’s no secret – I’m a size queen and I love them big.  I’ve even been labeled as the Queen of Spades. Not familiar with the term?  Typically a  white woman enjoys sex with well-hung black males on a frequent basis. Go big or go home is my motto I love big black cock – yes BBC.

Consequently what came next was inevitable.  Soon Lamar couldn’t wait to get a taste of his snowbunny stepdaughter.  I have to admit – I didn’t fight the situation.  Can’t beat them – Join them. (Wicked LiL Grin) I’m the kinda of girl who always WANTS what she can’t have.  StepDaddy was my mom’s property. But a family that plays together -stays together!!  Even if they are only a STEP father. (Wicked LiL Laugh)  One STEP closer to getting StepDaddy’s big black cock in my cunt. We were gonna fuck sooner than later.  The thought of fucking my new stepdaddy was so kinky as I couldn’t resist teasing him any chance I had.

Careful with BBC Incest Impregnation

In the dark of the night, he sneaked into my bedroom and stood with his cock against my open mouth.  Awaken from a deep sleep to Lamar slipping his black dick in and out of my warm mouth.  Sucking him in deeper, I couldn’t resist grabbing his balls and dick. Sucking him over and over til he was ready to fuck me.  Soon he was between my lily-white creamy thighs fucking his stepdaughter’s pink pussy.  His cock was enormous and his cum load was tremendous.

No wonder I had BBC Incest Impregnation with my step-daddy on the first sexual adventure and got pregnant. I didn’t want this to happen but it did. Years of fucking men like rabbits and never getting knocked up. The first time fucking my stepdaddy’s big black cock and I get pregnant. Needless to say, my life was all about to change with BBC Incest Impregnation.

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