How could I blackmail my brother?

Well I’ll be honest, he made it easy as hell for me to blackmail him! Mark was always the golden child. Two years younger than me I was the rebel and he was the honor student and football player. I know, we got the stereotype all fucked up. He always blackmailed me growing up. But it was dumb shit, like he wouldn’t tell that I snuck out if I would give him 20 bucks or he wouldn’t hand over my pot to my parents if I drove him for his date. Stupid stuff like that. I always vowed that I would catch that little fucker one day. I never did.

Until last night.

Last night I had dinner at his house and stepped out into the backyard through the garage for a smoke. On my way back through I caught sight of a baggie. I went to investigate and lets just say my sister-in-law is dense but not dense enough to believe that baggie contained baby powder (Yes that’s what he told me) I whispered in his ear that he was going home with me. Now, my baby brother knows exactly what a twisted bitch I am. He was terrified. After dinner, I headed back to my place making a call on the way to my friend Teddy.

Mark pulled in right behind me and followed me into the house. I told him what I knew and what I wanted. He gulped and stuttered.

“But Ember, I’m not a faggot!”

“Aww Marky, didn’t you and your little jock friends play these games in the locker room?”

“No fucking way!”

I just grinned and waited. Mark started to sweat, begging me not to do this. When Teddy got there, I let him in and I thought Mark would faint. 6ft 2 inches of ebony perfection. Teddy is hot! Teddy is ripped and best yet, Teddy is HUNG!

“To keep my mouth shut, Marky, you have to put yours to good use! Don’t worry baby brother, I’ll teach you how!”
I taught him all the basics and some interesting advanced techniques. And while he was down there gagging on Teddy’s cock, I made sure to snap some pictures for proof. I should have taken video, because in minutes, Mark was begging Teddy to fuck him. I had to remind him that it’s not really forced if he begs for it! Blew my mind! The theme of the night went from blackmail my brother to Mark is a cock hungry whore! Now that didn’t turn out the way I expected.

You know… I do have another brother…

So if you’d like to be my brother for the night, I can think of all kinds of ways to keep my mouth shut. I can tell you all the ways I plan to blackmail my brother! Would you like 2 blackmailing bitches? Check out my hot friends!

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