BBC Fantasy – A BBC Fantasy Comes True For A Girl In Need

So I’ve always had this obsession with, you guessed it, Big Black Cock. Growing up my BBC fantasy started when I went to school with a lot of handsome black men. Big, strong, muscular black men. They would usually be athletes and track stars. I would sit on the bleachers and watch as they would run shirtless. Sweat dripping from those perfectly hard nipples.

Of course, when I was checking them out-I couldn’t help but look downward. And if I was lucky, one of them would have a pair of grey sweatpants on. Nothing turns me on more than when I can see the outline of a perfectly gigantic cock through a pair of pants. I get wet watching a giant cock just bouncing up and down as they jog around the track. One of my favorite kinks to talk about when I’m having Adult Chat.

One day I made my BBC fantasy come true when I got the confidence

to ask the hottest black dude in my school to go out for coffee. Black guys are so hot to me because they make it known immediately when they’re attracted to you. I loved the way he looked at me when I walked past so I didn’t have to build up too much confidence to ask him out. Under the table as we sat and talked I slowly rubbed my foot up his knee.

Finally, I reached his cock from under the table, and oh my god. His mushroom head was so thick and throbbing so hard, I almost told him to take me in the bathroom and fuck me right there. Of course, in reality, we waited till we got home, and I sucked that thing like a lollipop. When he made me squirt, that’s only something I can go into detail when having phone sex because I have to cum every time I talk about it.

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