I Got The Most Erotic BBC Facial Fun Of My Life


It was a really hot night for me. Just so naughty, and it was in public! There I was, looking so cute with a hot pink sweater dress that was super short and went right under my perfect butt. I was also wearing matching panties and hot pink thigh-highs. Honestly, I was so freaking cute with my hair in pigtails too. I didn’t know I would get into this much trouble at the store. I got the most erotic BBC facial fun of my life.

It all started when I was over by the fruit section. I was grabbing some bananas when I noticed a guy staring at me. He was over the ledge staring at me, too. Since I noticed he was staring at me, I did something naughty. I walked right over to him and led over the ledge and made it so my dress slipped up and my butt popped out right in front of this hot stud. I knew he would get rough with me because of how huge he stood above me. He was at least 7 feet tall, and that was so tall compared to my tiny little body.

After that, he then reached over and raised his hand, slapping my bare-ass check right there in the store. It made a loud pounding sound as his hand slapped it. He even left a red mark right there on my ass cheek. Honestly, that turned me on so bad! This was a huge BBC teasing.

As Soon As I Pulled Off My Dress, He Grabbed Ahold Of Me

I loved a bit of pain with so much pleasure! This tall, dark stud would take me deep and hard. There was something else on his mind! He would take control once he led me to his car. That’s right, I got dirty right in the parking lot. Gently, he squeezed my hand and led me to his car. This dirty BBC facial fun was heating up. We then got into the back seats and got naked. As soon as I pulled off my dress, he grabbed ahold of me and made me drop onto the floor of his back seat and popped his cock right onto my cute little forehead.

He told me he was in charge and I had to do everything for this BBC student. I shook my head and said I would be a dirty good girl for you! He then told me he wanted me only to stroke his BBC. That’s right, I was only allowed to stroke this BBC. Quickly, I grabbed ahold of his thick, huge BBC. The more I stroked his cock, the more harder it got. He was so huge, at least 11 inches, when fully hard. He was in charge, so I had to just milk this cock. he wanted that huge BBC teasing.

I didn’t mind; I loved stroking and milking cocks. He wanted to give me a dirty BBC facial fun! Honestly, I love when guys let me tease and edge their cocks. I then spit onto the head of his cock so I could get this BBC nice and wet! I loved giving him the most erotic hand job ever.

This BBC Facial Fun Was Epic

Edging him, I was going to milk this stud today! I was on my knees, still stroking his cock, when he said now pop that mouth around the head and stroke it. He kept telling me how good it felt to have me stroking his rock-hard cock. I then slipped his cock head into my lips. Gently, I sucked that head while I stroked the rest of his shaft. He was fully erect and sticking out so much. It’s such a hot, huge BBC teasing sex. This BBC needed me to milk him unto my pretty little face. I was craving that facial now. I was working my mouth and my hands.

He then started to jam his cock down my throat. My hands were just on the base of the shaft now. I could feel his balls now slapping my chin. He was bumping back and forth, humping my mouth. Being balls deep into my mouth, I could feel his cock grow like he was about to blast down his throat. His balls were slapping hard against my chin when he pulled out. He then told me to stroke his cock until I milked all that cum out of his cock. This BBC facial fun was epic.

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