I get a double-stuffing with BBC!

There is so much time that goes by before I see my fuck buddy Derek. He did move away a few years ago, but he texts me to let me know, he will be back in town for New Year’s Eve. I make it a point to invite him to my New Year’s Eve house party. Because he has such a gigantic black cock, I will always welcome him to come over. When Derek rings the doorbell, to my surprise he has a tall dark, and handsome friend with him. Suddenly, a huge smile comes across my face, as I invite them inside.  I’ve never been double-stuffed, but this New Year’s Eve may be my big chance it happen.

 The idea of a double stuffing by two BBC is thrilling.

Next, we join my other friends in the kitchen to have drinks and food. As the night goes on, the drinks continue to flow. Once me and Derek reconnect in the living room area, he asks me if I want to go upstairs. I smile so big as my pussy starts to tingle. We head upstairs, but as I look back I notice his friend is behind us. This makes me even more curious about the possibility of being double-stuffed with two big black cocks. Upon entering my room, I drop to my knees to suck Derek’s big black cock. However, I have to release his gorgeous cock as it is too large to hold in my mouth. My tongue slowly moves up and down Derek’s unimaginable cock. Then his friend stands beside him with his cock out too.

It turns me on to have two big black cocks.

Soon my pussy gets wetter, as I suck his cock too. This double cock sucking session goes on for some time. Then Derek lays down on his back on the bed, with his huge black cock pointing straight up in the air.  I slowly move my pussy directly over his waiting cock. Next, I slide the head of his huge cock into my wet expanding pussy. After a few minutes of moaning very loudly with pleasure. I feel his friend’s cock rubbing up and down my sexy ass. Soon he stops at my fuck hole. I look deep into Derek’s eyes before I press my lips to his lips. He tells me to kiss him and don’t stop. Because he knows how much pressure I will feel, by being double stuffed with two big 10-inch cocks. They both penetrate me, one in my pussy and one in my ass.

I’m in ecstasy from being double-stuffed.

As my eyes roll up in my head, as I smile and moan loudly. Derek begins to move his hips up and down. And within minutes, I feel my pussy and ass getting double-stuffed by their big black cocks. Both, Derek, and his friend moan loudly. Derek pumps cum to the deepest parts of my very stretched pussy. Shortly after his friend starts pumping a big load of his warm, creamy cum in the depths of my tight ass. He slowly withdraws his embedded cock from my ass, as his cum oozes out around his glistening, softening cock.  Wow, what a sexy sight!

I’m so proud that I can take both their big cocks at the same time. This is an incredible night. Because I got to fuck  Derek and have a new double-stuffed BBC experience with his friend. Have you got BBC on the brain? If so, feed your craving with another  BBC blog:  Baby I need BBC! You know bigger is better 

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