No vacation is cum-plete without a BBC cuckold.

What better way to teach my girlfriend she should be fucking me more than a surprise BBC cuckold? It’s not my fault she can’t step up to the plate of her basic relationship duties. I had to call in reinforcements!

Her insane, misguided jealousy had been pissing me off for months. Why the FUCK would the amount of hot phone sex I have in any way need to detract from the amount of hot IRL sex WE have??

It had been almost a month since she’d even touched me, which really pissed me off. If we don’t have sex, how the FUCK am I supposed to feel desired? I don’t. Period.

Her camping-obsessed ass dragged me down to see the solar eclipse this weekend, much to my chagrin.

The only thing I hate more than camping? Feeling bitter and unappreciated. By the second night, I decided enough was enough and started to put the moves on her friend’s husband. She’d invited them to go camping with us.

Even if they weren’t there, I would’ve made sure she’d got what was cumming to her  . . . but her friend’s husband’s thick, 10-inch black cock made it easier to serve her comeuppance.

I started by getting him hard earlier in the day, during one of the many (boring, unpleasant) hikes my girlfriend insisted we take. I (intentionally) dragged behind with him, flirting and seeing if he was game for my cuckolding plan.

He was.

I told him to meet me outside my tent at about 11 pm that night. He agreed eagerly. I couldn’t wait for my girlfriend to listen to the sounds of me cumming, no thanks to her.


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