BBC Cuckold: It Wouldn’t Even Fit Inside Of My Pussy!

I love cuckold sex stories, especially BBC cuckold.

I can’t help but want to fuck big black cocks! Luckily for me, my boyfriend was intrigued as well and wanted to watch me fuck a big black cock. All we had to do was find someone who wanted to play. ;D

We looked around online, and we found someone who would want to play. His name was J’Lani, and he was so fucking sexy. The pictures were making me wet because there were nudes. His sexy chest, his gigantic black cock. We invited him over for that evening, to make my cuckold fantasy come true!

He came over, and he was even sexier in person. I answered the door and invited him in. He immediately picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, and he started kissing me. J’Lani started lifting up my shirt as he did, sliding it over my head, exposing my perky tits. He started walking to the bedroom as he was sucking my pink little nipples. I couldn’t wait to have my own BBC cuckold!

I have always loved cuckold phone sex, and could not wait to make it real!

My boyfriend stood up, not realizing that he was in the apartment already, but he had his cock already out and was rock hard. He started stroking his cock, slowly, watching the event unfold in front of him. J’Lani laid me onto the bed on my back and started sliding down my panties, and thrust his head in between my legs, licking my soaked clit. I moaned as he started sucking my clit and sliding a finger into my pussy.

He then stood up and took his clothes off in record time. His big black cock was ready to go, rock hard. I moved on the bed and seductively slid my tongue the entire length of his cock. He looked down at me, watching me lick his yummy cock. J’Lani groaned and picked me up, putting me on my hands and knees. He teased the outside of my pussy with his cock, and slowly started sliding it in. His cock was huge, and it didn’t even fit inside of my pussy! He pulled it out slowly and thrust it back in. I couldn’t help but moan as he slid it in and out. I looked over at my boyfriend and told him that I wanted him next because I was nowhere near finished with them.

J’Lani started to pound me, shoving his cock in and out of me.

I felt him get faster and faster and finally burst his load all over the inside of my pussy. He pulled out, and I saw my boyfriend replace him, shoving his hard cock into my pussy, using the cum as lube as he pounded me. He grabbed my hips and fucked me while I cleaned myself off of J’Lani. I felt my boyfriend pump harder and harder into me, and I felt him bust his load inside of me. I moaned as he pulled his cock out, because I had had such a good fucking, and I stuck a finger inside of my cunt, swirling around the two loads, and bringing that finger back to my mouth. It tasted so fucking yummy!


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