My sweet, swinger neighbor joined me for my first BBC Cuckold experience!

My neighbors, Deb and Richie, love to swing. They keep the spark in the marriage alive through cuckolds, group sex, even separate sexual endeavors! I go over at least once a week to hear all the sordid details. One week, I got to do more than just hear about it! Deb was telling me how much Richie loves doing a BBC cuckold with her, but that he’s had his eye on my boyfriend, Jerome, for some time now.

I blushed while she told me Richie can hear us fucking from their garden and sometimes drops trousers right there to whack it next to the azaleas. I agreed to talk to Jerome about letting Richie join us, and he blew my mind when he agreed!!

Richie showed up late on Friday night, carrying flowers and wine. Such a gentleman. I invited him in to sit with Jerome while I uncorked his Cabernet. I came back and sat next to Jerome, putting my hand on his thigh while we engaged in a small chat. Richie’s eyes were following my fingertips as they grazed up and down Jerome’s inner thigh.

Then his eye caught mine.

Something about the electricity in Richie’s stare gave me all the courage I needed. Still looking into Richie’s eyes, I began kissing the side of Jerome’s neck, running my hand along his chest. Richie shifted his weight and was facing us directly now. I kissed Jerome firmly on the lips, then turned to look at Richie. I smiled at him and I removed Jerome’s shirt. Feeling Richie’s eyes on me while I straddled my boyfriend and passionately made out with him, removing our clothes, I had never felt anything so hot in my life! I Was so excited for my first BBC cuckold!


“You think you can suck dick better than me?”


I slowly started kissing down Jerome’s belly. I slid down onto my knees and started unbuckling his jeans. Just as he was lifting his hips up for me to pull his pants down, I hear, “You think you can suck dick better than me?” I turned my head to see Richie practically drooling at the sight of Jerome’s huge, ten-inch, black cock. “What?” I asked.

“You think you can suck dick better than me?” Richie repeated a little more forcefully. I smiled and looked at Jerome. He was smiling too.

“I dunno. Why don’t you show me what you got?” I stood up and sat back on the couch next to Jerome. He had already unbuttoned the top half of my dress so my tits were on full display. We both looked at Richie. He lowered himself to the ground and positioned himself between Jerome’s legs. Jerome’s huge cock twitched in anticipation. With no hesitation, Richie took Jerome’s cock deep into his mouth. He could barely fit his hand around the shaft, but that didn’t stop him from stroking up and down while he licked all around his fat cock.

Jerome tossed his head back in ecstasy.

Richie started to come up for air and I grabbed the back of his bald, white head and shoved it down further on that throbbing black dick until he choked. I was so fucking turned on watching this, I leaned back and started rubbing my pussy through my soaking wet panties. “Play with his balls,” I commanded and Richie obeyed immediately.


“Mmm, that’s right. Get that big black cock nice and ready for me, Richie.” I slid my fingers inside my panties to rub my clit. Jerome leaned over toward me, grabbed my face and started kissing me. He ripped my panties off and started fingering my sopping wet pussy while Richie bobbed up and down on his cock. Suddenly, Jerome pushed Richie off of his dick and lifted me onto his lap. He pressed his huge black cock up against my belly button, letting me feel its massiveness before he hoisted me up to slide his cock deep inside me.

“Have the faggot lick my balls,” he whispered in my ear while I was grinding on him. I was so turned on, I knew I was dripping my juices all over Jerome’s cock and balls.

I looked down to Richie still sitting on the floor watching us and I just knew we were about to have a crazy BBC cuckold!



Stay tuned for Part Two! If you just can’t wait.

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