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Tom has always been a nasty player when it comes to exploring his taboo fetish needs.  After years of cheating the tables were finally turned on him.  His worst nightmare of BBC Cuckold Impregnation became the very thing that turned him on the most. His wife was a spoiled JAP (Jewish American Princess) that would have never ever thought about becoming a cheating wife. Until – yes until she encountered the likes of Tyrone and his massive nigger dick. Bianca couldn’t resist the taboo temptations of an interracial relationship.

Her BBC Cuckold Impregnation fantasy would soon become a reality for all of them.  Tyrone had everything to satisfy Bianca’s taboo needs for big black cock. His big black cock and cum were at the top of her kinky list. Getting knocked up would be the best perk ever to seal the deal.  She couldn’t get enough of him and she only wanted more.

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One night Tom arrived home to find Bianca in the living room dressed in her wedding white lingerie.  He could not believe his eyes.  There she stood like an angel waiting to be taken.  “Would you do anything for me, Tom?” I smiled.  Always being horny, she knew how to push his buttons, furthermore, she knew what the answer would be. So when Tyrone arrived Bianca waited patiently to study her husband’s reaction. He had something they both wanted and needed. Furthermore, that included making her husband a cuckold for a big black cock.

Tom was reluctant at first, but he wanted his fetish for BBC Cuckold Impregnation so bad he was willing to do anything to get it.  Slowly she lowered herself down to suck the big nigger cock before her.  It didn’t take long before Tom was stroking his cock as he watched his wife. She fed the big dick into her hungry mouth.  This was so taboo to them.  There was no turning back, as soon as his big black cock hit her mouth.

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