BBC Cuckold: My Pathetic Husband Learned a Lesson

My pathetic husband begged me for a BBC cuckold. He has always been a whiny little bitch that would do anything I tell him. “Nicky always gets what she wants.”

That is his favorite phrase and it has served him well to remember that.

I loved keeping his little cock locked up tight and denying him any sexual pleasure for himself. Besides, my pleasure is the only thing that matters.

I had him in chastity for two weeks.  I kept teasing him with the thought of watching my tight pussy get stretched out during a BBC cuckold.

He started begging me to let him watch a big black cock pounding into me.

What he didn’t know was that I was going to make him do so much more!

I told him if he wanted to watch he was going to have to earn the privilege to do so.

I called up a friend and explained the situation. He was all for humiliating my husband and said he would be over later that night.

Soon, I was going to see my little bitch on his knees sucking and licking a BBC. Fuck that got me wet!

In fact, my pussy juice was coating the inside of my thighs just thinking about what was going to happen to the little bitch.

When my friend arrived I had the little bitches clitty locked up tight.    I didn’t let him wear anything but his cage, collar, and leash.

When the doorbell rang I took my little bitch by the leash and walked him with me to the door. He sat by my feet as I opened the door.

My sexy stud walked in and gently patted our pet on the head before making his way into the living room.


I told my husband to get us started with our BBC cuckold. He looked up at me with his little puppy dog eyes and licked his lips.

He knew what was expected of him. His leash trailed behind him as he crawled over to my stud and immediately pulled out his flaccid cock.

The story will be continued tomorrow!

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