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BBC Cuckold, my husband caught me with a BBC in my mouth. Even though, I married a white man I have always craved the sweet thick goodness of a BBC! When my husband quit pleasing me I started acting on those needs.

The first time I sucked a BBC was in the grocery store. This gorgeous black man was behind me in the isle and after a few flirty exchanges we ended up in the “family” restroom. It was hot, quick and so satisfying but only for a moment. I needed more….

muscles rippling..

A greedy BBC cum whore was born that day and I couldn’t wait for more! A few days later I was driving through a construction zone and while waiting for my turn to drive through I couldn’t take my eyes off a 6’4 wide shoulder handsome man, whose muscles were rippling, and the sweat was sliding off his tight arms!

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As I approached him, I slowed and got his attention. I stuck my hand out the window, smiled sexy like and handed him my phone number then drove off! For the next few days I waited impatiently. Then the phone rang, finally!

My husband went out of town and I invited my new friend over. As soon as he walked in the door I immediately pulled his pants down and found the BBC I craved! Attacking him hungrily with my mouth, I swallowed him deep down my throat. I stroked his balls and licked them deep and long. I slapped that big dick against my face and tits.

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It was in that moment that I looked up and saw my husband watching me from the door!  I didn’t stop, nor did I panic I just looked him in the eye as I swallowed that big black cock! He was so turned on I watched as he pulled his dick from his pants and started jerking off! After a few moments, he walked in and lifted me off that cock and turned me around forced my face onto his own cock, he looked at that guy and said, “fuck my wife like the whore she is” and he did splitting my pussy apart and shattering me into a billion pieces with the climax of a lifetime!

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