BBC Cuckold Goddess – Making My Boyfriend Watch Me Go Black

It is exciting seeing how many men are curious or fully into the cuckold fun. As a BBC cuckold goddess, I am busy with lots of sexy men. My guy is so wonderful and loves playing with us. With my sexy body and expert sexual skills, men are lining up for a chance to enjoy our cuck fun.

Now, we don’t accept every guy that is coming to us for fun. No little peckers are welcome and all guys must be open to bi-sexual play. My guy is an open-minded fella, willing to do anything I ask of him. When I am commanding him to be my fluffer, he is immediately obedient. He is quick to have a cock in hand and his mouth.

I love being a BBC Cuckold Goddess and sharing it with him!

Recently, we are meeting more and more black gentlemen willing to be the stud in our dynamic. Of course, who doesn’t love a huge black cock? Feeling it in your hands, then sliding it between your lips. Sensing it over your tongue as it is throbbing. Mmmmm…then to feel that powerful dick as it is entering you, stretching you out as it enters.

Oh, fuck! This tight pussy of mine is getting all wet just discussing this with you guys. So, have you personally experienced cuckolding? Or, are you one that hasn’t taken the plunge yet? Listen, I am not judging. Everyone has to take things at their own pace. I can tell you that with my Fetish Phone Sex, we can role-play and create a mutually satisfying experience.

With my domination, everything is an option during our playtime.

Additionally, I am a Sensual Domination Mistress. Which means the fun we can have is wide open. Dominating you is a huge turn-on for me. When you are willing to be my submissive, I am going to reward you with many things. With my amazing skills as a goddess, I can make you climax like never before, using my body, mind and all the materials around us. That may be a toy, tool or even my clothing.

With my domination, everything is an option during our playtime. Of course, the BBC Cuckold Goddess role is one of my favorite things. Getting to share these incredibly sexy and well-hung men with my guy is naughty and fun. The excitement of fucking someone new as my boyfriend is watching, getting hard and jerking off is amazing.

Turns out, we never run out of partners.

Whether it is word of mouth from the guys that we are currently playing with or friends of ours that want in. We are always getting more offers to play. Usually, we discuss people and choose together. Not always, since I am in charge, he is willing to trust my choices. Just one more thing I love about this man. He is a keeper that is for sure.


Fetish Phone Sex


There are also people we meet at parties and get-togethers. We are at a party, having drinks and chatting with new people. Before you know it, our lifestyle comes up and they have questions. He and I are happy sharing our fun with others. We never know if it might interest other couples who are curious. Of course, we also meet other couples that enjoy swinging and want to play with us that way.

He and I are never without sexual excitement.

Tonight is a sexy stud we meet at a party. We were discussing our lifestyle with a group of people and he was asking how we choose the guys for cuckold. I was telling him it is usually about a connection with them and that a big dick always helps too. With that, he pulls out his huge black cock and offers to be one of our playmates. Both us said yes immediately as he was so much fun.

We are ready and have our bedroom all set up for tonight’s fun. Oliver is arriving at any moment and my boyfriend is excited to play tonight. This may be his biggest cuckold cock yet. Of course, I have had many huge peckers in my lifetime. There is the doorbell, time for BBC cuckold goddess naughty fun.

I know you are curious to know how the night went. Mostly, you want to know the details of my boyfriend sucking Oliver’s huge cock. I love that about you and will happily give you all the naughty details on our call. Talk to you soon!