BBC Cuckold: I devoured it like it was a thick, freezing fudge sickle I had found in the desert

BBC Cuckold: My boyfriend Mark and I were watching a BBC cuckold porn late one night. He had no clue it would change our sex lives. See, Mark didn’t have a very big cock. He also couldn’t handle fucking the shit out of me very long without shooting his load before I could cum. I love hardcore sex. Feeling a cock slamming into my pussy hard and fast makes me feel amazing. It also makes me cum harder than anything when I add in rubbing my clit while I’m being pounded.

Mark just couldn’t seem to keep going long enough to get me there. Maybe it was also the fact that his dick wasn’t big enough to really please me in the first place. I wasn’t one of those “size matters” kind of people back then. Honestly, as long as he could get me in the right position and fuck the shit out of me, it would make up for his lack of size. However, Mark was lacking in both departments. I liked him though. He was fun and sweet so I tried to overlook all of that.

Until that night that is. I wanted more and I told him exactly that. He was upset at first but after talking to him more about it I could tell he was getting turned on too. So I set it up. I found a guy on Craig’s List and after explaining what I wanted I had him come over. It started off a little awkward but once I felt how big his cock was through his pants I couldn’t help myself. I looked at Mark as I undid the sexy stranger’s pants. Pulling out his enormous dick I immediately started licking it from tip to balls. Over and over I devoured it like it was a thick, freezing fudge sickle I had found in the desert….

To Be Continued….

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