BBC Cuckold Fantasy Finally Comes True For My Ex- Phone Sex – Part 1

BBC Cuckold stores are hot as you know if you read my other cuckold sex story about fucking my big black stud! – As soon as I saw my Ex peeking around the corner of the building, to watch us, I started talking.  Of course, I made sure it was just loud enough that he could hear.

This was my first BBC cuckold and I wasn’t even with the guy I was cuckolding anymore! It was hot as fuck! I started telling the stranger how big his cock was. How it was MUCH bigger than my ex’s cock. Next,  I told him that my Ex’s pathetic excuse for a cock couldn’t even make me cum. That was part of the reason we split up. I needed a REAL man to fuck me as I deserved! And fuck me he did!

Then, he just lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  That is when I felt him position the head of his cock toward my waiting slit. When the head slid inside of me I couldn’t help but gasp.

The sheer size of his cock had me stretched out.

And to think, he wasn’t even all the way inside of me yet.  Once he finally worked his way into my tight pussy I couldn’t get enough! He bounced me up and down on his cock relentlessly pounding into me as I screamed that this was exactly what I needed!

 Then, I kept telling him how fucking amazing his black cock felt in my tight white pussy and how much better than any of my exes he was.

At this point, I turned my head and looked at where my Ex was peeking around the corner, made eye contact.  Then I said, “ESPECIALLY my most recent ex!”

I begged him to fill my pussy with his black seed and you know I got what I wanted! I made sure to repeat that over and over for my little sissy ex that was peeking. Because I never would let him cum inside of me! Now he knows exactly what it feels like to be a BBC cuckold bitch!


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