BBC Cuckold Fantasy Finally Comes True For My Ex- Phone Sex – Part 1

BBC Cuckold is hot and not only do you get this part but part two of my BBC Cuckold story is here.   My ex-boyfriend always had a huge BBC cuckold fantasy. We talked about it all the time. It mostly came up when he was drinking and his liquid courage kicked in. I knew he put on a front when it came to being a “tough guy”, it’s one of the reasons we ended up breaking up. After our breakup, I ran into him at a bar. The way he was acting made me want to show him just how insignificant he really was. For some reason, he thought I still wanted him but that was all about to change. 

I caught him watching me and decided to make his show even more interesting. A well built black man caught my attention across the bar so I got up and started flirting with him. How could I forget the BBC cuckold confession from my ex? It honestly turned me on thinking about it so I decided now was the time. Of course, the stranger took to me right away. We talked, laughed and flirted for a little bit and then his hand started to roam to my ass. The feel of his big hand rubbing my ass through the thin material of my short dress got my pussy dripping. I wanted him and I wasn’t shy about it. After making eye contact with my ex I leaned into the stranger and whispered in his ear that I wanted his cock. 

His eyes lit up as I took his hand and led him to the front door.

Knowing my little bitch of an ex would follow me, I made sure to make my ass sway just a little more than normal. We wasted no time at all once we were outside the bar. The stranger began kissing me as I undid his pants to pull out his thick cock. He found my pussy dripping wet when his fingers finally slid into my panties.


Part 2 cumming tomorrow!


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