BBC Cuckold: My Pathetic Husband Learned a Lesson – Part Two

BBC Cuckold – My husband’s little clitty was dripping on the floor as he took that big cock in his hand. I told him to get it ready for me.

He had to show me what a good little bitch he was. Kneeling between our stud’s legs he leaned down and started to insert the head of his cock into his mouth.

He sucked and stroked his man meat until it was hard as a rock.

Hearing the slurping sounds of my husband going to town on that BBC had my pussy dripping in anticipation.

I told him what a good little cock sucker he was, encouraging him on even more.

It was my turn. I told him to get the fuck off my cock get on his knees beside me and be ready to clean up our mess when we are done.

Then, I straddled those muscled, black legs and slid my white dripping cunt down onto his thick cock.

I rode him hard and fast.

My husband whimpered next to me on the floor begging for a taste.

He could see the milky whiteness of my pussy contrasting against the big black cock I was riding.

I asked my husband if he liked our BBC cuckold.

He said he loved watching me get pleased because he knew his little white cock could never make me happy.

He was right, of course! His pathetic excuse for a cock would never be able to make me feel good!

It was so fucking amusing to watch him beg for just a little touch!

The massive black cock inside of me got even harder and his balls started to draw up beneath me.

He unloaded deep inside of me but he was so big that his seed squished out around his cock as he continued slowly pumping in and out.

When he was done I pulled myself up off of him and sat my used cunt down on my husband’s face.

He cleaned me up so good that I gave him another treat. I let him lick the mixture of juices from the now deflating black cock.

Our first BBC cuckold went so well that I told my little bitch of a husband it wasn’t going to be our last.

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