Bathtime Turns into Dirty Fun Time With My Stepson

I didn’t mean to walk in on my stepson in the bath. Thought he had taken a shower and was already back in his bedroom. I had wanted to soak away the stress of my day-to-day life in our big garden tub. And put to good use our detachable shower head.

I eased the door open quietly, thinking everyone in the house was in bed. Turning around I catch sight of him, eyes closed looking so relaxed and innocent. I gasp quietly and still I can’t move. I can only see him from the chest up over the rim of the tub but just the thought of seeing the rest of him already has my panties damp and my knees weak. Hearing my husband snore in the next room and the spell is broken. I look over my shoulder and slowly pull the door shut.

The click of the lock finally seeps into his consciousness and he calls out, eyes still closed, “I’m in here” I grin at him thinking I didn’t notice him. I take first one step toward him and then another, untying my silky robe and letting it slide off my shoulders onto the floor. Clad only in my matching purple panties, I reach the side of the tub, disappointed at the opaque water that is hiding the body that I am aching so bad to see. I lower myself to sit on the rim and his eyes open.

He looks at me lazily for a minute before deciding that I’m not a figment of his imagination.

His beautiful blue eyes widen and he starts to sputter, taking in my naked breasts. I reach across him to get the rag from the other side of the tub, bringing my tits within a hairs breadth of his mouth. “What’s wrong? Can’t I help my stepson bathe?” He gulps and says nothing as I lather up the washcloth and start to rub it over his smooth shoulders and strong chest. His breathing speeds up and…

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