Bath time is so fucking erotic when a hottie like Noelle climbs in the tub.

Is there anything better than a nice hot bath? Because you know I’m a dirty girl and need plenty of time in the tub. I love filling my giant whirlpool tub full of hot steamy water and adding a little drizzle of bubble bath and some oils, so my milky flesh stays smooth and supple.

The mountain of luxurious bubbles grows, swelling up against the water rushing into the tub from the spigot.  The hot water disperses the heavy delicious aroma into the air and fills my nostrils. So I breathe deeply and enjoy the relaxing scent.  Letting the heady fragrance take me to a place of utter contentment.

I step into the tub and feel the hot water sting my delicate feet. Almost too hot, but it passes and my body adjusts to the temperature. Finally, I lower my body into the tub and let the bubbles and sultry water cascade over my skin. Sinking down, immersing myself in my tub of slippery soapy goodness. My cares and inhibitions leave me. I close my eyes and start massaging the sudsy bubbles into my skin. Gliding my fingers up and down my body. Washing away the dirty devious things I have been up to, and you know I have been up to some dirty and devious things.  I cup my hands together and collect some bath water and let the steaming-hot water spill over my fingers onto my breasts.  The exquisite heat pulls me deeper into the tub, and I consider maybe letting it completely consume me.

My fingers run over my tender little pussy beneath the water, because it has been calling to me since I got in. I close my eyes and part my lips to let out a soft moan. Suddenly, washing my pussy turns into playing with my pussy and I am wishing that my big bubbly tub was filled with more than hot water and my sexy ass.  I could really use a helping hand to get those hard to reach spots 😉

Come join me for HOT slippery fun in the tub!
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