Mommy loves bath time fun with her little babies.

Bath time fun is the highlight of mommy’s day when she can come home and play in the bathtub. She loves to bathe her little sissy bois too! Lets have fun and let mommy give you a bath.

First Mommy has to start the bath and make sure the water is nice and warm. Once the water is warm she adds bubbles to it for her little baby to play with. Undressing her baby boy she gets him nice and naked for the bathtub time. The cool air in the bathroom makes his little wee wee all hard.

Mommy gets all turned on seeing her little boys cock. Placing him in the bathtub, she gets out his favorite little rubber ducky. Splashing around her little sissy boy is having all sorts of fun in the tubbie. Mommy takes a washcloth and starts to squirt some baby soap on it. Rubbing baby’s back she soaps him up real well. Leaning him back she starts to wash his hair and make it smell so good. Then comes time for mommy to wash the babies front.  Washing up his tummy she slowly works her way down to his hard little penis. Taking the washcloth she gently rubs his little cock.

 Taking the washcloth she gently rubs his wee wee and makes it even harder. Stroking his little cock she can tell he is close to squirting a little load for mommy in the tub.

Stroking it even faster and so softly he cums in the water and mommy is soo proud of him.

Taking his out of the tub she wraps him in a nice fluffy towel and starts to dry him off. Baby really enjoyed the bath time fun they had. Mommy has special jammies for him to wear today. Lifting up his bottom she slides the diaper underneath him and puts a cute pair of frilly pink plastic pants on him. Then she takes out a package that she just bought today for her little sissy boi. Its a pink onesie with cute little rainbows on it. Putting it on her sweet little baby she can’t imagine him looking any cuter.

Mommy decides it time to take him for a walk in his stroller to the park. Read part 2 to find out what happens next.

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