Baseball season has started and so are hot sex bets.

Sex bets with my new hook up Mario get me so wet. We are very much alike, we love the same sports, listen to the same music, and in bed, it’s like we were made for each other. We are so much a like that both of us are very competitive and that can sometimes cause a problem, but now that baseball has started that will soon be behind us.

Today was opening day and we sure had some fun watching it. The first game that we watched was the Blue Jays vs Tampa. We don’t go for either team but our competitiveness made us choose teams. I of course bet for Tampa, since I am a huge Rangers fan and I am particularly salty at their cocky players. Mario had no choice but to pick Toronto. The bet was simple. If Toronto wins I have to suck his cock, and he gets to cum on my face, and if Tampa wins he will eat me out till I came. It isn’t that we didn’t do it to each other, but it was the fact that the winner of the sex bet would have complete control.

Fortunately for me the Blue Jays picked up where they left off, and took the first W away. It was time for Mario to collect his price, my mouth wrapped around his cock. I got on my knees as the highlights started on ESPN. I pulled it out and started sucking his big cock. He laid back and moaned. I deep throated it. I gagged on it. I choked on it. There was so much slobber running down my chin that my shirt was wet. He deserved it. He won the bet.

After scooping up every last drop of his cum from my face and swallowing it. We continued binging on the Opening Day Sunday.

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