Barracks hoe time, drop your socks and grab your cocks!

Barracks hoe a name I actually love. I have had some fun being an Army slut. Fucking soldier boys are fun! I have made so fucking awesome memories doing the things dirty girls love to do.
Like this one time, I went to this party and there were probably 7 guys there in a hotel room. They were soldiers on leave for a four day weekend and there were only like 4 civilian females there and then the guy who invited me was there with a friend of mine, so it was playtime for Chase by the end of the night my goal was to have fucked as many of them soldier boys as possible. *giggle. I am such a Barracks hoe.
My first in counter was with this sexy ass well-built soldier who had this body builders body. He was sexy as fuck!

So I end up getting him alone in the bathroom while most everyone else was down in the pool. And so while body boy and I are fucking in this bathroom he has me pinned up against the wall then turns us around and starts fucking me in the air, I mean he was taking me to pound town, this other guy walks in to get a beer cause they kept the beer in the tub filled with ice.

He ends up grabbing a beer and just stands there watching me get fucked drinking his beer and so I reach out and take his beer and guzzle down the rest and pull him into my ass I sort of twist myself so I can start kissing beer boy and then he sticks his cock in my ass so there I am getting sandwiched getting one of the best fuckings of my life. There you have it boys one quick little tale of this Barracks hoe dirty days!

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