I had the biggest crush on my Teacher Mr. Evans when I was in high school and used to wear the sexiest outfits I could without getting in trouble with the principal to try and get his attention.

It worked sort of; he loved staring at me and always gave me great grades but he was my Teacher and too scared of getting in trouble to actually do anything with me. I had to settle for thinking about him while fingering myself to sleep. When I ran into him a few days ago I finally had my chance to have him because I’m no longer an innocent school girl and he was a silver fox that fantasized about girls like me.

My old Teacher didn’t recognize me at first but when he did his face lit up and he took me out for some drinks. It was so much fun and I was so excited as he brushed up against me, running his hand over my thigh. I had been waiting so long for this, I couldn’t believe I was finally going to fuck him.

 Forced myself to wait a bit, flirting with him and letting the anticipation build until my pussy was wet and aching for his dick.

I needed him so bad that on the way to his place I fingered myself while he tried to keep his eyes on the road. Then I left my panties on the floor of the car and eagerly kissed him as he opened the front door, distracting him as we fell inside.
 We made our way upstairs while moving as one, our hands touching each other and trying to take our clothes off. My heart was pounding as I got my first look at him naked and when his big hands held me and pushed me down on the bed I reached down for his dick. He leaned over me, sucking on my nipples as I stroked him, feeling him grow even bigger between my fingers. I shivered as he moaned on me and my nipple popped out of his mouth as he pushed himself up and grabbed one of my legs, shoving it up and putting it on his shoulder.

 He moved forward, guiding his dick into me as I shifted and moaned.

He filled me as he went in deeper and began fucking me. So he thrust in and out, stretching and rubbing my pussy as he gave me long, hard strokes. It felt so good and my body shook as he kept going, making my tits jiggle as I rocked under him. I put my hand on one, playing with my spit covered nipple and tweaking, making it ache.
He grunted and groaned as he rammed into me and my pussy got wetter as it tightened around him. I slid a hand down and slipped a finger into my juicy slit, rubbing around slowly until I found my clit. I rubbed it quickly, needing more and more of the spasms it sent through me. My finger was slippery from the juices as I spread them around and Mr.Evans got rougher with me, shoving his dick in me faster as he got to the edge.
 My body tensed up and my finger pressed down on my clit as I came, losing my breath as I froze. His dick swelled and a second later he shot his load in me, adding to my wet mess.
I slid my leg off him and we laid there in a sweaty pile, our bodies tangled together. It had taken a few years to finally fuck my Teacher but it had been worth the wait.

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