So, confession time – I Love Banging Married Men!

Don’t judge me, I love banging married men.  There are many reasons why fucking married men is so appealing.  For one, you don’t have to keep them.  I know what you’re thinking How could I?  I know I will probably get a lot of flack for the way I feel.  On the surface, I sometimes prefer it this way so that I don’t develop feelings or attachments.

The moment when feelings start to develop from either side, you’re in trouble.  Let’s take an example, so I can show you.  I had two neighbors living down the street just a few houses over from me.  Their names were Sean and Ellen.  On the whole, it seemed they had a picture-perfect marriage.  They seemed to have everything that anyone could ever want.  I know that Sean worked extremely hard to provide for his family.  Sean and Ellen had one daughter together.

The couple had everyone fooled.  Appearances are definitely deceiving.  It wasn’t a big secret that Ellen had moved out as she was having a long-term affair for a while now.  I’m certain the breakup had to be devastating for Sean.  Many times, I remember going to similar functions together.  There were times I couldn’t stop looking at them.

So, Is Banging Married Men in their time of need a bad thing?  

In short, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to offer someone comfort during challenging times.  During one period my husband was away on business in Japan.  He had a big project to do that would keep him away for a while.

In any case, after Ellen moved out, life had to go on.  She took their daughter with her.  This left Sean alone to pick up the pieces and put his life back together.  I imagine it was very difficult.

Well, two could certainly play at this.  After all, if she could be a naughty cheating wife, Sean was certainly entitled to have some fun.  One day Sean walked by my house and we started to talk about what had happened earlier.  Finally, Sean broke down down and wept.  I held him close to my breast feeling his tears and firm body pressed against me.

I couldn’t believe it…Sean was finally free!

Next, I invited Sean to come inside.  We didn’t waste too much time.  There was still a nagging feeling of morality.  On one hand, what would Ellen think if she ever found out?  On the other hand, she really didn’t like anyone anyway.  It was all for the show, however secretly she didn’t want anyone to have her man.

I threw all caution to the wind and we started to make out.  Finally, I got to feel Sean’s lips on mine.  To be honest, there wasn’t too much foreplay.  We had been looking at one another for a long time.  Sean removed my top and started to caress my skin with his lips.  After that, my bra, shorts, and panties followed soon after.

Next Sean carried me to the bedroom.  I couldn’t believe it Sean was finally here in my house.  I could sit here and say that Sean was attentive to all my needs, but that’s not really how it went down.  We had been in lust so long that all we did when we got up to the bedroom was peel his clothes off and we started to kiss and suck.

Sean’s cock was hard and ready to explode.  I loved wrapping my fingers around his hard shaft.  The head of his cock was already wet with his sticky pre cum.  I put my fingers below the covers and my fingers and tongue sampled its salty taste.  Sean mounted me in a most animalistic way and fucked my wet pussy.  I loved the feel of my legs wrapped around his torso, the feel of his hard thrust inside of me.  My pussy gripped his shaft and milked his tortured cock.

In conclusion, I still love banging married men but…

In short, I had an interesting time.  I still love banging married men, but not all cocks are created equal.  I’d love to tell you more of my cheating wife experiences.


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