My Daddy is having a hard time at work because his assistant had to take the week off for surgery. Her appendix is fucked and she’s using up her sick time to get it removed so now Daddy has no one to help him. He’s stressed out and I want to make him feel better so I offered to temp until she gets back.

I’m sure all his co-workers knew I was more than just a temp because I dressed up for Daddy every single day. Always wearing skirts that were just a little too short and shirts that were low cut and tight. No one said anything though because Daddy’s management and they’re sad worker bees who have to do what he says.

 He had to give a presentation this afternoon. He let me sit in the boardroom with all the important people instead of being bored at my desk. I was so proud of Daddy as he talked to everyone even though I had no idea what he was going on about. Afterward, they left and he was putting his papers away but he looked tired like he couldn’t wait to get home.

 I locked the door behind me so we wouldn’t be interrupted and went over to him.

He forgot all about what he was doing as I pressed my body against his and kissed him long and hard, my tongue flicking between my lips. He leaned against the table and slid his hand up my skirt, cupping my ass as I rubbed his dick through his trousers.

 Then he moaned and I felt him get hard as I squeezed and stroked him. I whispered at him to take my panties off and he tugged at them. The thin fabric slipping over my ass and down to my ankles. I stopped touching him and undid my skirt, taking it off before undoing his trousers so I could take his dick out. I pushed them down to his hips to avoid getting any nasty stains on them. Then I put my warm hand around his dick. I was jerking him off as I heard people walking and phones ringing just a few feet away.

 He was throbbing in my fist and his eyes went down to my little slit. I wanted Daddy to see it so I put a leg up on the table beside him, opening it up for him and took my hand off his dick so I could lick my fingers.

I quickly gave my pussy a few strokes with my wet fingers then held him as I eased myself onto his dick.

 His head pushed past my lips and slid into my pussy, making him groan as I covered him. He held onto my ass as I lowered myself. Then I put my arms around his shoulder, keeping as close to him as I could. I wanted him in deep and began fucking him, moving up and down as he breathed on my neck. I tried to keep quiet as his dick rubbed past my walls, massaging them as I got tighter and wetter. My heel made a little scratching noise on the table as I rolled my hips forward, fucking Daddy with a fast but steady pace. “Daddy.” I moaned as his fingers squeezed me and I clenched my pussy muscles around him. I kept going until he grunted and shot his load in me.

I stayed on him until I was full of his cum then got off him. “You better get back to work,” I told him and loved how much happier he looked. I always know how to take care of Daddy.

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