My Daddy has a very important job and he works so hard but his wife just cares about the money. I feel so bad for him sitting in his office all day while she sits at home watching TV.

 Our secret visits are the only happy things in his life and I wanted to show Daddy that I care about him, even if no one else does. I knew he had a big project to do and was staying late all week at the office so I sneaked inside after everyone but him had left.

His door was closed and excitement rushed through me as I checked my outfit, making sure it was perfect. I had on a tight white blouse with half the buttons undone and a mini back skirt with black heels. My bra and panties were still at home and I grinned as I knocked on the door. I heard a “Yeah?” from a tired and frustrated sounding Daddy and went inside, standing there quietly until he looked up at me.

 He smiled as soon as he saw me and I went over to him while slowly pulling up my skirt. He pushed his chair back and I sat on the edge of his desk in front of him. Daddy’s eyes went straight to my smooth pussy and I leaned back, putting my feet on the arms of his chair.

I slid a hand down to my pussy and told Daddy that I’d been thinking about him all day and was so horny now.

 Only he could do this to me and I couldn’t wait to feel his big dick in me. I teased my outer lips as he rubbed himself through his trousers and I stroked my pussy for him. I pressed the palm of my hand down, putting pressure where I needed it as my fingers thrust inside. “Show me your dick, Daddy.” I said and watched as he undid his trousers, freeing his hardening dick.

 He jerked off for a few minutes as my pussy got wetter and I moaned as I told him how bad I needed him. My fingers rammed inside me as he pushed the chair away and stood up, my legs falling down. I shifted back, messing up his papers as he leaned over me. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me forward, making my ass slide as I laid down on his desk.

 He held me as he began pushing his dick in me and I lifted my hips, helping him ease into me. Then he closed his eyes and groaned as my tight, wet pussy covered him and I put my legs around his waist, holding him close. He shoved the last few inches in and I gasped, holding his back as his warm breath tickled my neck.

 He began thrusting and I could hear his papers rustling as they fell to the floor. Daddy did little grunting noises as he roughly rammed into me, letting go of all his stress as he pounded me.

“Oh Daddy, don’t stop. You feel so good.” I panted, needing him to know just how much I loved what he was doing.

His dick rubbed past my walls. I could feel him deep inside as a dull aching need made me rocked under him. We moved hard and fast, getting more and more desperate until I came, letting out a loud “Daddy!”. I shuddered and he lost it a second later, filling me with cum.

 His desk was a mess when I got off it and I knew he’d have to catch up on his work so I left. I did make one little stop to the bathroom though and sent him a pic of my cum filled pussy.

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