Incest with my Cousin really is best. He’s tall, strong and athletic and I have a tight young pussy.

Cousin sexual relationships are pretty kinky but since when have I ever stuck to the rules?
 I know it’s taboo to fuck someone you’re related to but it happens sometimes. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by it; there are some hotties in my family and shit happens.
 My Cousin Brandon always gets me worked up and just the thought of him makes my pussy wet. He’s in college and plays football so he’s tall and full of muscle. I love running my hands over his body and smelling the sweaty manliness of him after a game. When I heard he was playing a game against the local college team I just had to see him play.
 I managed to get a great seat and couldn’t take my eyes off him as he ran around getting all sweaty and dirty, throwing himself at the other guys. It was so hot and every time he tackled a guy I wished it was me he was slamming to the ground. My panties started sticking to me and I shifted around, squeezing my thighs together to try and ease the ache I felt in my pussy. My nipples were hard and rubbing against my bra, making me even more turned on and I couldn’t wait for the game to be over.

 When it was I quickly went near the field so my Cousin could see me and he flashed me a high five; it looked like he was waving but I knew he meant to give him five minutes.

I made my way to the locker room and hung back as I listened to his teammates goofing around and getting changed before leaving one by one. A few of them checked me out but Brandon was the only one I wanted.
 When my Cousin was the last one there he took me into the locker room and ripped my clothes off before pulling me to him. I yanked his towel off and pressed against him, my hands sliding over his wet chest while he cupped my ass. His dick was semi-hard and I ground against it as we kissed and made our way to the row of benches at the side of the room. He moved away from me and turned me around, pushing me forward. I bent over and braced myself against the bench and pushed my ass back, rubbing it over his dick. He moaned behind me and I opened my legs for him as I looked over my shoulder at him.

 “Come on, fuck my tight little pussy”. I murmured in a sexy voice and he got up close to me, his dick sliding over my pussy lips.

I bent lower as he pushed inside me and I shivered as his big thick dick rubbed past my walls, making me wetter. So I groaned and gripped the sides of the bench. He started fucking me, his dick ramming into me again and again.
 My tits swayed under me as he grunted and yanked my hips back, forcing himself in deeper. I felt bruised but my clit was aching for me and I rocked back on him. Letting him tear me in half. I was so wet that my juices were leaking out of me and he moved smoothly in me with long, rough strokes. He shoved into me, going deeper than ever before. Filling my pussy so much that I screamed out in pain as he started to cum. I felt so horny and dirty that I came a few seconds later, my squishy pussy clenching around him.
 Brandon moved away from me and I grabbed my clothes off the ground as he headed for the showers. “You better hurry up before your friends come looking for ya,” I said and secretly hoped that they did. One is good but two or three is even better.

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