End the year with a bang.

Each year (after barely surviving being jingled, tinseled, ho ho ho’d, etc.) I face the dilemma of choosing which New Year’s Eve party to attend.  Although each invite says “Join us as we end <insert year> with a bang and ring in <insert year>!” I have yet to choose a party that ended in the kind of bang I have in mind.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I sincerely appreciate the invitations but, dressing from the inside out is kind of pointless if I’m only going to drink too much champagne, eat peanuts, blow a cardboard horn, and end up at home watching my husband snore. On the other hand, there’s definitely a point to doing this if I’m going to drink too much champagne, lose my dress, feast on balls, blow some cock, and end the year with a real BANG!

It’s finally time to give new meaning to the concept of ending the year with “a bang.” With a year to plan, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

First, I will buy the perfect Christmas gift for my husband (a vacation to another country with several golf courses and poor cellular reception.)

Next, I’ll serve the right refreshments (other than champagne) and foods to get my guests as horny as I am.  This includes red wine, salmon, oysters, asparagus, avocados, celery, carrots, truffles, walnuts, bananas, pomegranates, watermelon, honey, vanilla, and chocolate.

Before the ball drops…

Since I want to do what comes naturally, I won’t plan out all the activities; however, I definitely know the kind of “bang” I’m looking for.  Tie me to a St. Andrew’s Cross and take a riding crop to my ass, sandwich me between two men who will simultaneously penetrate my pussy and ass hole, then allow me to soak in a cum bath.

Now I just need to figure out what naughty little activities will have me cumming repeatedly after midnight?

Hot Phone Sex!