I love going to parties for New Year’s Eve and getting to let my kink side out. This year I even met a really interesting guy with a balloon fetish! I got an invite to a local kink party to bring in the new year. Wearing a black and pink corset, a black latex skirt with a pair of heels that lace up to my knees. Ready to party in the new year with some naughty and kinky people!

I get to the party and it’s already got a lot going on. Music and dancing and people just having a good time are everywhere. This place even has theme rooms! As I took a small tour I saw a room that was for impact play, wax and fire play, pet play, abdl, and finally a room that was entirely filled with balloons. I got excited to see them doing something for people with a balloon fetish.

I saw a few people rubbing the balloons all over their bodies. One guy was kissing a balloon and a girl was riding a big balloon in the center of the room. I stood and watch as she rode it till she was cumming all over the balloon. Her pussy juices went all over it and then she handed it to a guy in the corner. He starts to lick it clean. What a balloon fetish pervert!

I love me a kinky balloon fetish guy!

The excitement coursing through me was as good as my blind date fuck a few weeks back. I went back to the party and had a few drinks and danced and mingled. But I still end right back in the balloon fetish room. I’m jumping around and throwing the balloons all over the room. Rubbing my body against them and making them make noises against my latex skirt. Everyone is watching my little show!

It’s like I’m giving them a live fetish phone sex show and I’m loving it! I stumble and my heel pops one of the balloons. Everyone groans and then begs for me to keep going. I pick up balloon after balloon and start popping them for the balloon fetish perverts. Finally, I fall to the ground giggling and decide to put on an even hotter show. I pull up my skirt and point to a sexy guy in the room to come to me.

Once on his knees and between my legs, I have him put a balloon around his 8-inch cock and fuck me with it. This balloon fetish perv goes to town with fucking me. Got to say it feels weird getting fucked with a guy’s cock covered with a balloon but I can feel my orgasm hitting me. Squeezing down on his cock as I scream for him to cum. Pop! He grunts out as this pop sound fills the room. He came so hard he popped the balloon as he fucked me! I lost it laughing as the room rang out the happy new year!