Before I did phone sex hotline loved to travel around and do odd jobs, hell I still love doing out there jobs just for the experience. One of these trips took me to no place else but New York City, to work as a ballon walker in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. This isn’t just any story, this is a balloon fetish story. I was so excited I had never seen these balloons up close and personal. Before they go out the Ballons are kept inside a hanger where they get blown up and we practice walking them.  I decided I wanted to see how the balloons were blown up. I decided to show up a few hours early to watch them inflate before training began.

Giant Balloons lay on the ground attached to pumps inflating

The whirling sound of the pumps slowly inflating the gigantic balloons were so loud! Running a little late to see them get all hooked up but I know it takes around 90 mins to get them fully inflated. Walking carefully through the hanger and checked out the balloons all tied and anchored down slowly blowing up. I ran my hand over the material feeling it. The Fabric was pretty soft. I came around one of the balloons and saw one of the workers. I had never seen him before but he was taller than me at 5’5. He was walking around a ballon inspecting it.  His large hands carefully running across every seal line of it. Suddenly he started to grip the ballon at a smaller section and rub against it.


Was this a balloon fetish? Yes, Yes it was.

Mystery man started to grind his crotch against the ballon tossing his head back eyes closed I couldn’t hear anything but it looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself. This was a balloon fetishCrouching low and under the arm of the nearby float so he couldn’t see me I watched him. His hand gripped the ballon tighter as he rubbed against his prize. An inflatable Turkey leg of the Tom Turkey ballon.  The more he ground and humped the balloon the more excited I got. I could feel myself get wet under my jeans.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down.

Sliding a hand between my legs and rubbed my wet pussy over my black thong. Biting my lips to muffle myself. I watched and matched my mystery man’s movements. This private show was making me so hot! I slid my thong to the side as he pulled his pants down. He leaned against the balloon and turned around exposing his deliciously leaking cock. I slid a finger in my wet cunt and pumped it in time to his movements.  I gasped and moaned softly riding my hand enjoying every movement.

He turned to his side and started to pump his cock harder and faster. I followed his speed. He let out a loud moan and I followed watching his hot sticky load shot lines and line of cum all over the leg. I lay hidden shaking in pleasure as a mystery man wiped up his load and walked off. I silently slid my pants up and waited for the coast to be clear and crawled out of my spot. Who knew that balloon fetish could be so fucking hot!!

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