BallBusting With London & Katrina!

Ballbusting is one of the most fun fetishes I’ve come across. Katrina and I, when we get together, the two of us bitches really know how to get it done! We have all kinds of creative ideas and ways to torture those sensitive balls of yours.

There are the basic things like punching, slapping, and pinching which I think are great warm-ups.

Then I like to move up from there. I’ll tell you to grab the largest, heaviest book you’ve got. Open it at about the halfway point, put your sac in between it and slam it shut as hard as you possibly can. If you’re not a total pansy you’ll feel it something fierce.

Something Katrina said she likes to do is use one of those creepy Xmas nutcrackers and treat those balls like walnuts! That got a giggle out of me.

Now it’s time to upgrade your sorry ass and slightly tingling balls. Get yourself into your bathroom. Move it! Hurry the fuck up, bitch!

Squat down like a good little fuck toy. Yeah. Lift that toilet seat up. Stick your balls on the lip of the toilet. That’s it. Slam that seat AND lid right down on them. Don’t be a fucking pussy about it either.

That’s exactly what I did to my older brother when I caught him jerking off to the pics I sent him. Then I brought my friend, Katrina over. That’s when the real fun began! I know you want us to tag team those balls of yours. Two balls; two girls, right?

So, call me, Katrina, or both of us for some intense ballbusting kinky fun! We have no limits on how far we’re willing to go with you. Let’s make them double in size! Can you handle it?

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