Dirty little bad girls need a little punishment.

Bad girls get a bad rap for needing too much sexual freedom or always going astray.. Well, all that means is they need someone who can take control. If you can’t handle your girl, and she’s always getting in trouble or making you wonder where she is..you just need to tighten the cuffs a little! And not in any relationship metaphor kind of way – because I suck at relationships, so I won’t give advice on that! Haha. I mean in a sexual way. Are you concerned she’s wandering because she wants more?.. Then give it to her! Maybe she’s a little masochist like I am. I’m terrible at staying with a guy, that’s why I like to tease, flirt, do anything for the thrill..but I won’t stick around. But I’ll tell you, the one guy who could keep me..knew exactly what I needed in bed. I needed something rough, hard..a little fear (and excitement) of what he’d do! 😉

I loved a good spanking, as all bad girls do.. but mostly, I loved getting it rough! It was never enough for me. I wanted handcuffs on, so tight they hurt a little. I wanted my legs wrapped around him as he showed me how much he wanted me around, with every single thrust.. I craved every breath, bite, and kiss.. specially when he finally cut me loose and I got revenge on him. Nails in his back, biting his neck, sometimes we got so rough with each other that there was a little blood.. but, fuck it, right? The orgasms were worth it. Specially when, a day or two later, I could see a little glimpse of those ‘sex bruises’ guys love to leave so much..and they always turned me on. So take note.. if your girl is showing a little bit of a reckless, wild side..maybe she’s teasing you, tempting you to bring out your rough side and show her how much you really want her. ♥

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali