Bad Girls Get Spanked

When I was young my daddy made me attend a catholic high school. I was not at all religious, he just thought that it would help me become a well-behaved lady. I hated it with a passion. So I did everything I could to get kicked out or spanked. All the sisters were fed up with me. I was out of control. I was sleeping with almost every guy in the school. Then I would hike my skirt up so short that you could see the bottom of my ass cheeks. My white button-down shirt…well… let’s just say that I would always “forget” to wear a bra. But still no success in getting kicked out. The sisters just thought I was a lost soul, and they wanted to save me. 

At the start of my sophomore year, everything changed.

There I sat in my first class for the year, my skirt all hiked up and my nipples poking through my tight little blouse. My desk was moved over as close as it could get to the boy next to me. I was making plans to have some fun later. As I closed my eyes and went in to kiss his neck I hear a loud ‘SLAM’ on my desk. I quickly opened my eyes in shock and looked up. It was the new Sister, Sister Cecilia.

She looked at me with her beautiful dark eyes and said, “I will not tolerate that kind of disgusting behavior in my classroom!”

I rolled my eyes at her and replied, “Oh really? And what the fuck are you going to do about it?”

She just stared at me with anger in her eyes.

“That is what I thought.” I snickered. Then turned back to what I was doing.

Without saying a word Sister Cecilia walked up to her desk and pulled out a large wooden paddle.

“Come here, Regina.” She said.

I scoffed and walked up to her, “What?”

“Bend over, right here on my desk.”

As I start to bend over I say, “What? Are you really going to spank-“ *SLAP*

I let out a loud moan. It was the first time I have ever been spanked, and I liked it. I muttered out a few more snide remarks and with each remark, she spanked me even harder. The harder she spanked me the more I moaned. Then she told me to go back to my seat.

“I want you to come to see me in Father William’s office after school today. Do you understand? I can tell I have not gotten through to you. Maybe he can help.”

I just nodded. I was too busy trying to keep that wet spot in my panties from showing.

So after school, I headed toward Father William’s office. I was nervous. I did not know what to expect. Then I knocked on the door and they told me to come in. The room was dark. I stumbled to make it to his desk. Then Sister Cecilia bent me over his desk. I started to feel his big cock penetrate my tight pussy. I wanted to say, “Father stop!” But it felt so good. As he put his cock in me I looked up and I noticed, across the room, there was a man sitting in a chair. All I could see was one hand holding a cigar and in the other a glass of, what I guessed, scotch.

“Sister who is that?”

“You will find out soon enough.” She said.

Father William continued to pleasure me and when he finally finished in my tight little teen pussy, the man stood up.


“Hey baby girl, now I am going to really show a bad little girl like you, what happens when you misbehave.”

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