I have always been bossy. I love when men are scared of me. Love to make fun of their pathetic loser life and small dicks. I used to almost make teachers cry in high school. My math teacher was a thin old dude who was terrified of me. I guess he was the first man I knew I could dominate.

I would stare at his crotch while he tried to get me to get interested in algebra. I would try to imagine his little tiny dick. I swear it would grow as I rolled my eyes at the teacher, and tell him I didn’t care about the stupid class. He once had me come to his office after school. I asked him if I turned him on. If he would like to see my tits. He looked at me shocked and said no. I told him he had to pass me or I would make his life hell. I would blackmail him and tell people he touched me. After that he started to show up places and he would give me money to talk ditrty to him. Sometimes I would make him pull out his tiny hard dick so I could laugh at it.  

Now I love to take your money to tease and humiliate men. I want to play with loser middle aged men and make them dance for me. Pour chocolate sauce on your head and drink out of the toilet bowl like the dog that you are. Be my clown and maybe I will let you lick my pussy. Maybe I will let you cum. Or I might fuck you with my big thick strap on!

mean girl sam