I Was A Bad Girl And Daddy Punished Me

I was a bad girl last night and Daddy caught me. Whenever I have a sleepover at his place it’s supposed to be about the two of us and I’m not allowed to look at or think about other men without Daddy’s permission. I know the rules but I was horny and he was in his bedroom working on a presentation he had to do so I couldn’t disturb him. I took my laptop and went to my bedroom and shut the door so I could have a little private time. So I had my nightie shoved up, panties off and fingers pumping my soaking wet pussy while I watched a girl get gangbanged when Daddy came into my room and caught me.

  Daddy heard the moans coming from my laptop and grabbed it away from me. He watched it for 10 seconds then slammed it shut before putting it down on my desk. He looked so angry and I told him I was sorry but it didn’t help. “Take your fucking nightie off,” he told me then left the room. I did and a minute later he came back naked and holding a big dildo. It was long and thick and I got wet as I thought about Daddy fucking me with it. He got on the bed.

Shoved my legs apart and leaned over me as he pushed the dildo against my asshole.

He pushed it into me and I wasn’t ready at all for it. It hurt like hell as it went in slowly, spreading my hole wider around it. I whimpered in pain and the pain got worse as the first inch got in. I didn’t think I could take any more, especially without lube so I asked Daddy to stop but he said that since I liked dick so much he was going to give me as much as I could take.
He kept pushing the dildo into me and tears ran down my face as I tried to relax but it just hurt so bad. I was full on crying when he finally stopped, the dildo only about halfway in me. Daddy then leaned close to my face, wiped my tears away and kissed me on the lips before telling me not to be upset because I still had more dick to look forward too. He took his hand off my cheek and put it around my head. Forcing me up and forward, bringing me down on all fours.

My ass burned from what it had just been through and it throbbed. Daddy shoved me down to his hard dick.

As soon as I put my lips around it he shoved my head down hard. I gagged as he hit the back of my throat. He pulled my head up and down by my hair. Forcing me to suck him as he told me how disappointed he was in me and what a bad girl I was. I put my lips tight around his shaft and tried to give him a good blow job. He was so rough with me that I just kept gagging and crying.
My throat felt bruised and my chest tightened every time I felt his tip pressed into me but I guess my pain was turning Daddy on because it wasn’t long before he was filling me with his cum. I choked on it as it went down my throat and I did a bad job of swallowing it.
     I knelt on the bed as cum and spit dribbled down my chin and Daddy said: “Keep that dildo in until bedtime and don’t make me remind you again that in this house you only give your attention to me.”

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