Bad Boys get SPANKED by Mommy

He knew he couldn’t get away with it. I told him, “Mommy knows you did it. You’re a bad boy.” With wide eyes filled with tears, he whispered, “I’m sorry mommy I didn’t mean to do it.” I knew he meant it. But I had to be strong. He deserved to be punished. I couldn’t let his teary eyes sway me from enforcing his discipline. “Go get mommy’s brush and bring it here, Junior. You know what I have to do. You have been a very bad boy.

He knew he broke Mommy’s rules so now you have to pay the consequences.”  He whimpered as he walked over to my dresser, picked up my solid maple wood brush, and brought it over to me. I smoothed my hand across the hard-soft wood of the brush and slapped my palm with it. SMACK!!!! I said, “Now Junior mommy wants you to pull down your pants and lay across the bed. Because… Bad Boys get SPANKED by Mommy . ”

He obeyed my command and laid his half-naked body on the bed. I yelled, “Take off your underwear. I don’t want you to wear any clothing while Mommy spanks you.”

He pulled off his underwear and threw them on the floor. He laid there naked and helpless and I was so aroused that I couldn’t wait to deliver the first blow. His tight round ass cheeks were smooth and shapely. I lifted my hand high and brought the back of the brush down hard on his right butt cheek. It popped and shook and he screamed and I hit him again even harder on his left butt cheek. He screamed and grabbed his penis. I didn’t think I had hit him there so I didn’t understand at first. Maybe he’s protecting it I thought.

Then I hit him hard with the back of the brush three more times. I was careful to only aim for his ass. My mother had a paddle that she used to beat my brother and me with that had a saying carved on it. “Never slap a child in the face…..because nature provides a better place.” It had a picture of a boy and girl with their ass cheeks showing. So I tried to do the right thing and aim just for his tight ass. SMACK…SMACK…POP. But again he grabbed his penis.

I thought to myself, “Now I know I didn’t hit him there. I wonder what’s wrong.” So I ordered him to turn over on his back. He was hesitant so I hit him again. SMACK…CRACK…POP. He reluctantly turned over and was covering his penis with his hands. I yelled, “Move your damn hands, boy, so Mommy can see what’s going on with you.” When he pulled his hands away I was in awe at how large and HARD his cock was.

Then I realized that the spanking turned him on. His cock was hard as a ROCK.

Now that turned me on so I ordered him to stand up and brace his hands on the wall. He did. So I beat him repeatedly with the brush and watched his cock grow harder and harder. Then I stroked that cock until he came on mommy’s tits and once he did I SPANKED HIM AGAIN.


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