Bad Babysitter, yes that’s what I am!

The bad babysitter is what my next door neighbors son said I was.  But that boy smiled a most devious smile when he said it.  His parents wanted to get away for a weekend but were a little nervous about leaving him alone. I didn’t mind stepping up and volunteering to keep an eye on their hot virgin son.  I might be a bad babysitter, but I made him feel oh so good.

There had been many times this hot MILF next door had caught sweet young Johnny peering across the way into my window. And yes, I always had the blinds open for a reason. In fact, Johnny had my cell phone and would text naughty pictures to my phone from time to time. So when the opportunity arose for me to keep an eye on him I was more than ecstatic.

Waiting till it was dark to check on Johnny drove me crazy.  I couldn’t wait to go over there in my robe and ‘check on him’. I made him a dinner plate and told my husband I’d be back in awhile. Of course, as always, he just nodded his head and didn’t pay any attention to me.  Walking across the lawn in my sexy red high heels and nothing under my robe, I got more and more excited the closer I came to the door.


As soon as Johnny opened the door he smiled. Walking past him, I told him I had a little snack that would satisfy his appetite. I could see his hard on under his jeans throbbing. I turned and pushed him up against the counter. Untying my robe and exposing my bare breasts, I grabbed his face and stuck it between them. “Are you ready for your snack?” All Johnny could do was gulp and shake his head yes. Hopping up on the counter and spreading my legs, I rubbed my pussy and then stuck my fingers into his mouth.

“You are a bad babysitter!”, he smiled and then stuck his face between my legs and started to eat me out. He surprised me by how eager he was! His tongue flicking and his fingers slipping inside me made me grip the counter. “You like that Roxy?”, he said. All I could do was pant! I wanted more! And what Roxy wants Roxy gets! I slipped off the counter and stuck my ass out grinding into him. I could feel that young cock throbbing against me. Johnny grabbed my hips and worked his cock up inside.

Unfortunately, our first time together didn’t last long. But I just can’t help seducing young men like him. It was our first, but not our last! And I know just what I’m going to do with him on the next round!

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