Are you into cuckolding?

I remember my first time cuckolding like it was yesterday.

Used to babysit for this family, The Roberts when I was 16. I was a bad babysitter and would sneak my boyfriend (Jeff) over to fuck on the couch after the kids went to sleep. We got away with it so many times until one night when Mr. Roberts came home early.

I wasn’t expecting him so Jeff and I were still fooling around on the couch. The TV was up so loud I didn’t even notice Mr. Roberts in the room– I was straddling Jeff with my skirt pulled up, rocking back and forth on his cock when Mr. Roberts finally cleared his throat and said “BUSTED!”

My heart dropped in my chest at the sight of him. I was in deep shit– my parents would never let me see Jeff again if they found out! As I looked at Mr. Roberts in shock, I noticed that his cock was hard in his jeans. He was turned on! He was trying to act upset, but I could tell that he had probably been watching us!

Being the daring teen slut that I was, I decided to take control of the situation. Climbing off of Jeff, I made my way to Mr. Roberts and placed my hand on his chest, looking up at him to say, “I’m sorry… you won’t tell my parents, will you?” my hand tracing its way down his chest. I leaned in and could feel his cock growing against my thigh as I pressed my tits against his chest.

He didn’t stop me and that’s when I knew I had him wrapped around my finger.

Jeff protested, “what the hell?!” as I dropped to my knees and began to unzip Mr. Roberts pants. Ignoring Jeff, I pull out Mr. Roberts fat cock and immediately began sucking it. I felt so turned on knowing that Jeff was watching, getting my first taste of cuckolding. Mr. Roberts groaned and reached down to guide my head, gently pushing it up and down.

Jeff tried to leave but Mr. Roberts stopped him– “Sit down son, or I will call your parents.”

Jeff, looking humiliated and whimpered for a moment before sitting down. He watched as I slurped and licked; I love sucking cock! At that point in my life, it was the biggest cock I had ever seen and making Jeff watch was driving me wild. Mr. Roberts began to rock his hips into my face as I sucked him harder and harder. I looked over at Jeff as he watched, my head bobbing faster until Mr. Roberts exploded in my mouth. I stood up and smiled, wiping my lips as I swallowed his hot, sticky cum.

Now go give your boyfriend a kiss and never let me catch you again…” he said as I grabbed my things and started making my way toward the door. Jeff followed behind me. I pulled him in for a kiss so that Mr. Roberts could see and then the two of us scurried out the door.

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