Sometimes, the craziest stories of having backseat sex are the most fun.

Backseat sex was even wilder than I imagined! So, a lot of Southerners or adventurers have probably heard of the Blue Ridge Parkway.. miles and miles of a beautiful scenic highway that goes right on top of a mountain ridge, and there are a LOT of overlooks where people pull off and take a while to relax. Welllll, I have too much wanderlust and decided last Friday to just up and wander off with a fuckbuddy of mine. We drove all the way up there and caught the parkway just a few hours before sunset. It was beautiful..and with my ipod hooked up, the songs were pretty fun too. The only problem was..they turned me on! I wanted to have a little adventure up there. I wanted him, I wanted to do it in my car, and I wanted the risk of getting caught. So I started flirting with him hardcore as I pulled off into an overlook..catching a very pretty sunset on the way.

I leaned over into his seat and started teasing him, climbing on top, letting him feel me grind against him..just enough to drive him crazy that he couldn’t instantly rip off my little shorts. He pulled me into the backseat almost instantly, fed up with trying to rearrange and wiggle around in the passenger seat. And once he had me all to was game on. A little striptease with me on top, the AC cranked on high, the music loud.. my hair down and messy around my shoulders, lingerie flying into the front seats.. Me all over him as his hands wandered all over my body. I was kissing his neck, biting, teasing, daring him to get a little rougher..and before I knew it, he’d turned it into doggystyle, backseat sex with me pressed up against the back window. Wild, wicked, and completely driving me crazy from how much trouble we’d be in if any park rangers or cops drove by!

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali