Backdoor Bliss – Experience Unknown Pleasure! Free Phone Sex Ahead

“Don’t think of it as anal sex!  Think of it as ‘backdoor bliss’ – that’s not so scary, right?”  Andrew knew that I was not a fan of the entire concept of anal sex, but he was trying!  You had to admire his determination, I suppose.  “Why?  It’s dirty and painful!”  I said.

As far as I was concerned, things did not belong in my ass, ever!  I wanted him to be happy, but I just didn’t see why he wanted this.  “Don’t you want to look at my face when you’re inside me?”

“I can still do that, baby!  Will you trust me?”, he asked gently.  I was scared, but I loved him so I agreed to try.

That night, Andrew spent so much time kissing me and fondling me, I felt like I was in high school again!  We teased and caressed each other for nearly an hour before he even took my pants off!  Then he licked and touched me in ways I thought we had both forgotten.  It made me want him so badly, and I sucked him slowly until he was so hard, his cock trembled.  While he explored me with his hands, I felt his finger slide into my anus and it felt amazing!  My body responded, to spite my shock!  I began to rock against his hand, wanting more ‘backdoor bliss’; but that was just the beginning!  Slowly, he added another finger and then sat me on his lap.  With his arms around me, I felt him slide inside as  looked into his eyes… sex would never be the same again!

There are many ways to enjoy anal sex.  And while it’s not for everyone, it isn’t the disgusting, violent thing you may think it is!  Keep an open mind and you may come to enjoy your own ‘backdoor bliss’!

Are You Ass-Shy, or Ass-Curious?

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