Well, it’s that time of year when the kids go back to school and parents have to spend their hard-earned money to buy all that gear. So what Miss Genie likes to do before they go back to school is throw one big party for my neighbors and their kids. All of my neighbors love my pool parties because they know Miss Genie not only has the best food and drink but that she also has a few hidden rooms near the pool where anyone and everyone can enjoy some kinky play.

It’s funny how, “Shh….don’t tell. This will be our little secret”, goes a long way to keep a neighborhood tradition going. It always starts with family and friends dressed in their swimsuits and eating hot dogs and chips. Drinking my fruity champagne punch, that the youngsters always sneak and drink too as we adults turn a blind eye. Young girls in bikinis and their moms in stylish one-pieces. All except Miss Genie. When I wear a bikini I put those young girls to shame and drive their dads and their boyfriends crazy.

And as for my little secret hidden rooms, well,  I have changing rooms for males and females but there’s an adjoining utility room that’s conveniently furnished with a twin-size mattress on the floor. Mr. Johnson always acts like he’s lost and finds me in the utility room ready to suck his hard cock. That’s something his prudish wife never does. But once a year he gets the best head he ever had and he always leaves a nice tip in my bikini top.

As soon as Mr. Johnson rejoins the party I find my next-door neighbor’s son sneaking around. “Are you lost, Scotty.” “No ma’am… I heard this is where the real party is.” He unzips his pants and pulls out his rock-hard young cock. I get on my knees and open my mouth wide and deep throat that cock till he cums hard on my face. “Wow Miss Genie, that was fricking amazing.” I wiped the cum from my mouth and said, “I know. And if you want more of this then keep quiet and don’t tell. Shh….this will be our little secret.” He nods and says, “Yes ma’am.”

I resume the party and take on being the perfect host until I spot Mr. William’s, my son’s math teacher, eyeing me and pointing his head toward the utility room. I bet he saw the smile on Mr. Johnson’s face. Math was never my subject but that teacher is hot. Oh well, I guess it’s time to have a private tutoring session or should I say sexxion with Mr. Williams. I can’t wait to add up how long his cock will travel down my throat.

Back to School Pool Party Part 1

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