Back-door loving is a special kind of treat I like to indulge in with my boyfriend. The back-door action isn’t only for me, of course. I love to play with my man’s ass too! And he doesn’t mind all that much. In fact, when I bring up the subject, he’s on all fours before I know what’s happened.

Asses have pleasure zones both sexes can enjoy and we both enjoy it. I absolutely love it when hot dick slides in and out of my back-door. I also love putting a strapon around my waist and sliding in and out of my man too. Being able to do it to him and watch what happens only turns me on even more.

The other day was an ass day. I lubed my ass up and just waited on the bed. When my boyfriend came over, he opened the bedroom door and was greeted by my oiled up ass on the bed. He opened the door and immediately dropped his pants. After putting a ton of coconut oil on his dick he slid it in. Slowly at first, and then harder and harder. I was almost immediately on the verge of orgasming. After I got mine, I reached around and started playing with his asshole. We started making out and then it was his turn.

I put on my strapon and slathered on tons of lube and slowly began sliding in and out of him. I reached around again and started stroking his large cock.  As I fucked him, I couldn’t help getting even more turned on. He was writhing in pleasure and moaning under my cock. We started with a small dildo when we first tried ass play on him and slowly worked our way up. In the end, everyone loves a thick cock in their ass.

After fucking him, I had to be fucked again. I can’t fuck a man’s back-door without getting more myself. Something about watching my strapon go in and out, in and out; it just gets me going so hard I can’t not have another turn myself. When it gets back in my ass, I’m already on the verge of orgasming. Now that I’ve seen it happen, seen the skin invite the cock deep inside its depths, and then grasp at it as it tries to leave, I have to have anal a lot more. In fact, I think I’m going to call my boyfriend right now. Now go have fun. And don’t forget the lube!

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