Babysitting Sex Stories: Babysitting for the neighbors was great

My neighbors came over and asked if I could babysit their girls Friday night while they celebrate their anniversary. Of course, I said yes, especially for such a sweet occasion. At that time I had no idea that babysitting for the neighbors was such a great idea! Who knew I would have a new one to add to my babysitting sex stories.

Friday night came and I made my way over to their house. When I got there Mrs. Smith looked gorgeous in her red dress and Mr. Smith complimented her nicely in his red and black as well. The two of them left their cell numbers and locations where they would be for the night in case of an emergency. I walked them to the door and came back inside.
About an hour had gone by. The girls were already asleep and I wasn’t expecting Smith’s back until morning. All of a sudden I hear the door open. I get up from the couch to go see who was coming in. I was a bit nervous but then I saw that it was Mr. Smith. He was walking toward me with a look on his face that I hadn’t seen before. I asked him what had happened and where was Mrs. Smith. He told me everything was going just as planned.

I was unsure what exactly he meant by that.

Mr. Smith looked into my eyes and started smiling as he got closer to me. At that moment I knew what he was about to do. He said that Mrs. Smith would not be home for the night and that he and I were about to do what we both had wanted to do for so long. I can’t lie and say that I had never thought about Mr. Smith in a sexual way, because I had. There were many nights when I had babysat before and I would watch him walk out the door and I would fantasize about him turning around and carrying me to his bed. It was actually happening and I was in total shock for a moment.

He picked me up and put me on the pool table as he started kissing me. As he laid me back on the table with cock between my legs, I could feel him getting harder and harder by the second. My pussy was already dripping wet from his touch alone. In the midst of him waking through the door and his few words before he took control of me, I didn’t question anything and I didn’t dare turn him down. I wanted this moment just as much as he did and I was ready and willing for any and everything that he wanted to do.

Mr. Smith started kissing his way down my neck, to my tits, kissing and licking my stomach, down to my pussy.

When he got to my pussy he stopped and smiled at me, before sticking out his tongue and massaging my clit with it. I felt his finger sliding inside me as he licked my clit. It was almost like I was melting at that moment and it felt so fucking good. He made me cum in his mouth twice before he stood up and took off his clothes. Once he had everything off, he picked me up and flipped me upside down with my face at his cock. I sucked that cocked like it was the best thing I had ever tasted. At least, I tried to until he started tongue fucking me and I couldn’t control myself anymore.

It felt so good that I couldn’t even focus on anything else.

When he flipped me back over, he took my hand and walked me to the bedroom. We made it to the bed and he tossed me on my back. Kissing me aggressively as he stroked his cock, he slid it inside me nice and slowly. I gasped as I felt the head sliding in. Then I dug my nails into his back as he went deeper. Biting his neck as he was squeezing my tits, he started fucking me harder. I could feel him throbbing, I knew he was about to cum. What I didn’t expect was him filling my pussy with cum. However, it was a very nice surprise. This turned out to be the best of all of my babysitting sex stories.

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