Babysitting And Meeting The Sexy Neighbor

This couple I used to babysit for had a large family. Their son’s were grown and gone. And I had to look after the two smallest ones a few times a month. When the parents wanted a break. They were good kids, they did as they were told .And slept most of the time I was looking after them, really. They had this really good looking teen neighbor that was my age. And I’d see him outside sometimes and we’d chat as I was going in or leaving, he was friendly enough. Babysitting isn’t so bad when you have a neighbor as cute as he was.

A Knock At The Door And There Was A Sexy Neighbor

Gisele babysitting

One night I was babysitting watching the kids and there was a knock at the door. And this cute guy from next door was there and he was asking if he could borrow some tool, his dad didn’t have the right one.  And he new this neighbor I was sitting for had the right one in his garage and he’d borrowed it before, I said ok. He came in and he wasted no time. And he brushed my hair out of my face and leaned in to kiss me and it was amazing I could feel my nipples get hard and my pussy get wet as he touched my face and kissed me. He knew I was as attracted to him as he was to me. And lead me by the hand to the sofa and continued to kiss me.

I Was Ready To Do Anything He Wanted

I let him do whatever he wanted and his hand was soon under my shirt. He was cupping my breast and playing with my nipple.Then  I let him remove my shirt and bra.  I also helped him off with his jeans. And  then I stroked his cock and it was leaking precum and I smoothed it over his dick and it was all slippery. And I laid back and helped him get it in my pussy.As I wrapped my legs around him so tight and rocked back and forth with him  Feeling my clit get rubbed as he slid in and out of my cunt with his hard cock.

I then squeezed his ass cheeks and could feel his cock twitch inside my pussy. Which I loved. We rolled over and I was riding him, grinding that stiff clit against his cock.  And my tits were bouncing in his face. And  He was stretching me open and I was just bucking against him as soon came in a gush over his cock. I could feel he was all wet and I made no haste in getting down there to lick it all up and taste my own cunt juices on his dick , which he seemed to love.

He Was Going To Cum Again

I slurped and I sucked and caressed his shaft in my hands.  And I could feel his balls start to tighten up again. And  I knew another load was building for me and I continued to deep throat him. I took his long, thick cock all the way down my throat. He was moaning with pleasure and I was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. I knew I wanted to cum again .And I was rubbing my cunt as fast as I was sucking his cock in and out of my mouth. All of a sudden in a gush his cum splattered all over my face as it dripped onto my tits. After that we were both drained. He then got his tool and wandered off back home.  I got to play with him several times as I was babysitting and it was hot every time.

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