Babysitting and too much Liquor!

As a teenager I used to babysit often I also loved liquor. Most of the time the children were super young and easy to take care of. I remember a number of times I’d spend time talking to their parents when they got home before I went home myself. This particular night is one that I’ve never and could never forget.

I was babysitting for a family of 5. The parents were gone until pretty late. It was well after 2am when they got home. I of course, being 17, had found their liquor cabinet. I’d put the kids to be around 8pm, had a bit to much to drink, and then crashed late. I was asleep when they got home. They offered for me to stay the night instead of going home at the late hour. I agreed and decided to sleep on the couch.

I quickly fell back to sleep, trying to drink the liquor off. I thought I was dreaming when I felt hands moving up my leg. They made their way up my body and across my chest. This was turning into an amazing dream. I felt as if I was waking up so I opened my eyes. I quickly found the gaze of the mother looking down at me.

I shot straight up, confused and baffled. She smiled and winked at me. Without moving her hands from my body she told me that she was going to pleasure my every desire. I was still a bit drunk and very ready for her to touch me. I dropped my knees open so that she could touch my very wet and tight pussy. She dropped her face down into my honeypot and started to lick me fast and hard.

I bucked my hips up into her and placed my hands on the back of her head as I held her in place. I started to cum into her mouth; her tongue lapping faster and faster. I held her there a few moments longer until my pussy was finished pulsing. She tugged me back into bed and left me there to sleep.

I woke up the next morning not sure if I’d been dreaming or not!

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